2015 College Football – Crossroads

Art Direction

These Crossroads elements came together from trying to push the limits on the traditional player green screen shoot that you see in all pro football packages. We always shoot the players over green for animations and graphics but this year we wanted to make some choice elements. Jeremy Anderson, at ESPN, is a stellar coworker and a great creative collaborator. We shot some ideas back and forth and these pieces resulted.

We shot each player straight on as we normally would, one at a time, and we choreographed their moves individually. When we put it all together it sync’d up well.

What you have is a group of players flocked behind their ‘leader’, who presents a 3 step call to action where they assemble for battle. Crossroads. Our wonderful designer/animator Lee Burg put the pieces together and is the true hero behind all of this. His many abilities are showcased here, and his professionalism and excellent attitude and work ethic are second to none.

Art Direction: Timothy J. O’Shaughnessy/Jeremy Anderson

Design/Animation: Lee Burg

Skills: Animation, Art Direction, Design