CO ANCHORMAN – The Legend of His & Hers

Assistant Director

The seed for this was planted by Sr. Creative Director Chris Mantzaris. An epic battle recreated by clusters of our talent showcasing the levity of ESPN contrasted by our internal capabilities. The show His & Hers had a reputation of making spoofs so it was a natural fit for them to take on the lead role and they would obviously showcase it as much as possible on their platforms, which was a win-win.

This is a shot for shot recreation (93 shots in total) and required much planning and producing considering we had to get horses on ESPN’s campus and light a man on fire. The non stunt shots were a 1 day shoot (87 shots in 1 day) and the second day was for showcasing the handful of effects shots.

Director: Chris Mantzaris

Assistant Director:┬áTimothy O’Shaughnessy

Producer: Marissa Mangino

Editor/2nd Camera/Compositor: Jeremy Edney