COLLEGE FOOTBALL – Team Transitions

Art Direction

These team ID’s are some of our most complex elements. In this rip you’ll notice that the BG changes out completely based upon which region the school is from. We have 16 different matte paintings to define the landscape of america. Each team is associated with one of those regions and using camera projection we swap out all image based assets to make each team ID unique.

Additionally, we have 3 sign systems. Watch them, they’re different. Design assets located in different spots on each sign, and upto 6 assets for each team, including mascots and occassional landmarks. So these are pretty unique.

I hope you like them. They are a labor of love.

Art Direction: Timothy J. O’Shaughnessy

Project Management: Michael Szykowny

Animation: Mark Rohrer

This was made in conjunction with LoyalKaspar and a big thanks to Geoff Bailey

Skills: Animation, Art Direction, Design