The GRANTLAND Basketball Hour – REEL

Art Direction

This project came along quickly and with the help of LoyalKaspar we were able to craft a quick package that was 2d based to alleviate render holes. There was a unique stand alone viz insert look that was designed as well.

All of the files were toolkitted so we could diversify and update on the fly. This look relied on stacks of differing typography which required many automated layout options to make it appear to be customized. The construction paper/oak tag texture was a constant theme as was always punctuating on the Grantland G.

This look was intended to have legs. To branch out and be the Grantland digital/broadcast look. Remove the ‘Basketball Hour’ from the logo and you’re set. Unfortunately that never came to fruition and so it goes….

Art Direction: Timothy J. O’Shaughnessy

Project Management: Mark Groeschner

This was made in conjunction with LoyalKaspar and a big thanks to Geoff Bailey

Skills: Animation, Art Direction, Design