2015 College Football – Animation Package REEL

Art Direction

Roughly 2 years went into the making of this project. The end result is a package that provides completely customized matchup elements for all games (roughly 30 games a week) all year long. Each team has a unique ID system that utilizes team design assets from each schools design style guide. We’ve also crafted 16 regional matte paintings which we project onto geo in each animation so no two matchups are the same. Texas lives in aesthetic that fits the region while the pacific northwest does as well.

I truly believe this is the largest, most detailed animation package in sports today.

Art Direction: Timothy J. O’Shaughnessy

Project Management: Michael Szykowny

Animation: Mark Rohrer, Tom Roseski, Richard Harrington

This was made in conjunction with LoyalKaspar and a big thanks to Geoff Bailey

Skills: Animation, Art Direction, Design