The Animated version of our ECO’s. You can see where the design process started on the next portfolio post, here you can see where the quality goes when we dive into 3d. We lost a resource during the original build of the ECO’s so we unfortunately we had to keep the timeline the same. I think in this we lost a significant step in quality. We cut corners in 3d that I wish we didn’t have to, but thats how this business goes. Sometimes you don’t have the resources to accomplish the vision, sometimes you do. In this instance we had to get out of using VRAY renders in Maya and resort to using Element 3D in after effects, which was pretty new at the time.

Art Direction: Timothy J. O’Shaughnessy

Project Management: Mark Groeschner

Producer: Matt Bernabeo

Lead Design: Jeremy Simches

Animation: Tom Roseski, Richard Harrington, Jorge Gonzalez, John Hatfield


Skills: Art Direction